Saturday, June 8, 2013

Am I the Only One?

Who has a super hard time going to bed at night? Even if it has been a crazy long day--sometimes because it has been crazy--I just want to stay up an have some "me time" after the kids are in bed. Really, I know it's kinda bad for me on a health level and I know I pay for it the next day because I'm tired and cranky, but I just can't seem to get into bed early. Evan thinks I am crazy. What about y'all?


  1. Mary, I get it. Those hours after bedtime are a valuable commodity! I have a really hard time understanding people who either let their kids stay up as late as them or who go to bed early right after their kids. When do you *live* I ask?

    I always tell Brendon that going to bed earlier feels like I am giving up on the day, and I'm no quitter!

  2. I totally get it! It is the only time to have the house to yourself. You can putter around, read, watch a favorite show!! I was also a strict enforcer of "quiet time" in the house between 1pm and 3pm...hard to do with little babes, but preschoolers understand they have to stay in their room and do quiet things on their own. I also used to swim at 545am to get time alone - meditating on the water. I would get home at 715am, ready for the day. My husband was a saint to get the kids up and start breakfast! When I was swimming, I did NOT stay up late. It was the only way to stay sane as a mom of little ones.
    p.s. I really like your blog, but I need more posts!!
    Becca's Mom

  3. I do the exact same thing :)