Saturday, June 8, 2013

Am I the Only One?

Who has a super hard time going to bed at night? Even if it has been a crazy long day--sometimes because it has been crazy--I just want to stay up an have some "me time" after the kids are in bed. Really, I know it's kinda bad for me on a health level and I know I pay for it the next day because I'm tired and cranky, but I just can't seem to get into bed early. Evan thinks I am crazy. What about y'all?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Further Adventures of Pinkeye

Ok y'all. I've got pinkeye. Ok, actually I went to my optometrist and he lectured me about how it's not actually pinkeye, it's some other unnamed eye infection--definitely not pinkeye. But y'all, my eye is pink! So imma gonna go ahead and call it pinkeye.

Anywho, I've already been applying the antibiotic drops for 3.5 days, and the eye is not getting much better. It's red (pink), it's itchy, the eyelid is swollen, and any time I sleep it's majorly goopy.

I feel like Quasimodo with one swollen eye and one open one. But Evan says it's not as pronounced as I think it is.

I also can't wear contacts or eye makeup until the infection is gone, plus a couple of days. I feel sooo homely. I've been pulling my hair up in buns or braids and wearing glasses, so I feel very homesteader/polygamist. It's not a great look, folks. Sigh.

I even have to go to the gym/run with my glasses on. I hate it! I've been wearing contacts since I was 11, and this is the longest I've worn glasses since. Yuck.

Not to hate on OTHER people wearing glasses. Other people look pretty, handsome, cute, smart, quirky in glasses. But me with no makeup and glasses = polygamist homeliness. Sigh!

Wish me fast healing. And hope that my kids don't get it!!

Oh, PS, my eye doctor also lectured me that 1) I should never diagnose myself or give myself my kids' leftover eydrops 2) Pediatricians shouldn't diagnose eye problems anyway 3) Gentamicin is an old antibiotic that all the bacteria are immune to (he game me Cipro instead). There was probably more. I can never go to him without coming away severely chastised. Buuuut, at least my prescriptions have always been good and he's covered by my insurance?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Since I've Been Gone...

I guess you could say a lot has happened in the past 6 months since I last posted. :)

Honestly, nothing huge. But some really good times with family and friends! And let's be honest, as the mother of two young kids, there have been both heavenly times and some super drab, boring, or infuriating times.

In November we went to a local fair held by a very conservative religious group. Ahem, NOT Davidians. And Jack got to ride his first horse. Probably a must for a Texan.
In December we travelled to lovely San Diego, where we got to enjoy the sunny, windy beach - and Danny got to see it for the first time (I think).

We also got to go to SeaWorld, which we all loved. I was honestly as excited as the kids, because it was a first time for all of us, except Evan, the San Diego native. Here's us taking advantage of the skinny mirror in the kiddie area.
Once we got back, we eased back into normalcy, which included preschool.  I really liked our little group. Here's Jack dancing with a couple of his preschool friends.

Later, I fulfilled one of Evan's dreams when I took a shooting course with a bunch of my girlfriends. Love you, honey!

Then in the springtime we took the obligatory (for Texans) kids-in-the-state-flower-bluebonnets picture. This is just one of MANY. 

In April/May we took our first semi-out-of-the-country trip to Puerto Rico. Traveling with two kids - at least our two kids at these ages - was a LOT of work. Definitely not the relaxing/romantic trip just Evan and I might have taken had we left the kids here. BUT, it ended up being a very fun and memorable trip. Especially in retrospect. :)

This was the view from one of the old forts in Old San Juan. So, so pretty in that whole area.

After a few days in OSJ, we took a day trip to "Puerto Rico's second city," Ponce. Here's a tip: Don't do it. Not worth it. On the bright side, there was this cool looking historic firehouse. :)

Next, we hiked to a waterfall in El Yunque, the only rainforest in U.S. territory. Very cool. And Jack did a great job keeping up with the adults.

We stayed the last half of our trip at a condo on the beach in Luquillo. It was so fun and relaxing that we wondered why we hadn't spent the whole time there! Obviously Danny enjoyed himself.

It's also good to be home!