Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Case You Need Some Cheering Up

I know the post-election mood around our house is pretty glum. So here's some cute pics!

Danny roaring like a lion - one of my favorite recent pictures.

Now that the weather in Waco has cooled down somewhat, it's perfect weather for hiking, so we've been going to Cameron Park a few times. It's quite lovely. And after some initial complaining, Jack is learning to like hiking. 

Danny turned 1 a couple months ago!

Spiderman relaxing after a tough day of fighting villains. We got this costume a few weeks before Halloween, and it was worn many times before the big night.

He seems like such a big boy riding his bike! It seems so crazy that the two years that separate Jack and Danny take a kid from being a bumbling, preverbal toddler to an articulate capable preschooler!

Speaking of preschool, here is Jack dressed up for his first day of co-op preschool. He loves it!