Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things Are Lookin' Up

For those of you who didn't live in California in 2007, you probably never saw this commercial. But I loved it! (It's extremely rare that I actually look forward to a commercial).

Anyway, the point of the commercial is that "things are looking' up." I can't say that I've really changed many of my habits or anything, but for some reason I've been feeling a lot cheerier.

I will say that I have certainly been aware lately that I have things very, very good. So many of our friends and/or family members are facing very real challenges, so I'm thankful to not be dealing with that right now.

I've also been going to the gym pretty much daily. And even though I'm not automatically super-thin, I have fun just going and being active.

It also helps that Jack is at such a fun age (almost 3) and that Danny is getting easier and more fun at almost 10 months. I won't say that these 10 months have flown by - they haven't - but on some level I can't believe he'll be 1 soon!

We also took a family mini-trip to Dallas a while ago in commemoration of my and Evan's five-year anniversary. That was fun. AND, AND we still have our trip to Seattle/Portland on the docket for end of June/July.

Plus, I'm pretty stoked for the Olympics. I've always loved them since I was a kid. Especially the Summer events. I can think back in four-year increments at different things I was doing each time. Last time I wasn't even pregnant with Jack. The time before that I lived in Utah and hadn't even moved to California yet. The time before that I was in college. Weird.

Oh, and P.S. thanks for all the comments on the last post. I really appreciated them.