Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To All My Mommy Friends

Ladies, I have a question for you. Even if you only read this blog casually, please consider commenting in response. Here it is: How do you keep your mojo as a mom?

What I mean is, when you are giving so much time/effort/thought to your kids, home, and husband, how do you stay you? How do you stay interesting, vibrant and happy? I'm not in a depression or anything. There are absolutely exquisitely joyful moments with the kids - like Danny's sloppy kisses or Jack saying I'm his best friend. I just feel.....kind of meh sometimes. Like some of the color has washed out of my self-portrait.

Anyway, I'm not writing this as a plea for "poor Mary, I hope you're ok." I just want you to distill your best thoughts on the topic of being/staying your best "you," and add them here for me to think about. Pretty please?

Bored Enough To Blog

Well, I think social media really may have killed the blog. It's so hard to get myself to blog. Sigh. But tonight I'm pretty bored. I'm waiting for Evan to put Jack to sleep, so I can go veg in front of the TV. Yeah, I said it. This is what my life has become. :) Anyway, here's a couple of cute pics of the kids:

This first one is of the Dan Man standing. He pulls to stand on EVERYTHING these days. He's an unstoppable force of nature. It's super cute, but his determination and stubbornness about continuing to stand no matter what have me worried for the future.

The above is of Jack's shoe when we took the kids bowling for the first time. Jack liked it a lot. I'm not so sure it was worth the nearly $20 it cost, but those tiny toddler-sized bowling shoes are adorable!

Even though the picture quality on this one is terrible (two-generations-ago-iphone), I like this picture because it shows Jack asking me to "dance with me like a man," which is what he says when he unbuttons his pajama tops and wants to dance like he's seen on Dancing with the Stars (the few minutes he's seen of it).