Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Case You Need Some Cheering Up

I know the post-election mood around our house is pretty glum. So here's some cute pics!

Danny roaring like a lion - one of my favorite recent pictures.

Now that the weather in Waco has cooled down somewhat, it's perfect weather for hiking, so we've been going to Cameron Park a few times. It's quite lovely. And after some initial complaining, Jack is learning to like hiking. 

Danny turned 1 a couple months ago!

Spiderman relaxing after a tough day of fighting villains. We got this costume a few weeks before Halloween, and it was worn many times before the big night.

He seems like such a big boy riding his bike! It seems so crazy that the two years that separate Jack and Danny take a kid from being a bumbling, preverbal toddler to an articulate capable preschooler!

Speaking of preschool, here is Jack dressed up for his first day of co-op preschool. He loves it!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things Are Lookin' Up

For those of you who didn't live in California in 2007, you probably never saw this commercial. But I loved it! (It's extremely rare that I actually look forward to a commercial).

Anyway, the point of the commercial is that "things are looking' up." I can't say that I've really changed many of my habits or anything, but for some reason I've been feeling a lot cheerier.

I will say that I have certainly been aware lately that I have things very, very good. So many of our friends and/or family members are facing very real challenges, so I'm thankful to not be dealing with that right now.

I've also been going to the gym pretty much daily. And even though I'm not automatically super-thin, I have fun just going and being active.

It also helps that Jack is at such a fun age (almost 3) and that Danny is getting easier and more fun at almost 10 months. I won't say that these 10 months have flown by - they haven't - but on some level I can't believe he'll be 1 soon!

We also took a family mini-trip to Dallas a while ago in commemoration of my and Evan's five-year anniversary. That was fun. AND, AND we still have our trip to Seattle/Portland on the docket for end of June/July.

Plus, I'm pretty stoked for the Olympics. I've always loved them since I was a kid. Especially the Summer events. I can think back in four-year increments at different things I was doing each time. Last time I wasn't even pregnant with Jack. The time before that I lived in Utah and hadn't even moved to California yet. The time before that I was in college. Weird.

Oh, and P.S. thanks for all the comments on the last post. I really appreciated them.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To All My Mommy Friends

Ladies, I have a question for you. Even if you only read this blog casually, please consider commenting in response. Here it is: How do you keep your mojo as a mom?

What I mean is, when you are giving so much time/effort/thought to your kids, home, and husband, how do you stay you? How do you stay interesting, vibrant and happy? I'm not in a depression or anything. There are absolutely exquisitely joyful moments with the kids - like Danny's sloppy kisses or Jack saying I'm his best friend. I just feel.....kind of meh sometimes. Like some of the color has washed out of my self-portrait.

Anyway, I'm not writing this as a plea for "poor Mary, I hope you're ok." I just want you to distill your best thoughts on the topic of being/staying your best "you," and add them here for me to think about. Pretty please?

Bored Enough To Blog

Well, I think social media really may have killed the blog. It's so hard to get myself to blog. Sigh. But tonight I'm pretty bored. I'm waiting for Evan to put Jack to sleep, so I can go veg in front of the TV. Yeah, I said it. This is what my life has become. :) Anyway, here's a couple of cute pics of the kids:

This first one is of the Dan Man standing. He pulls to stand on EVERYTHING these days. He's an unstoppable force of nature. It's super cute, but his determination and stubbornness about continuing to stand no matter what have me worried for the future.

The above is of Jack's shoe when we took the kids bowling for the first time. Jack liked it a lot. I'm not so sure it was worth the nearly $20 it cost, but those tiny toddler-sized bowling shoes are adorable!

Even though the picture quality on this one is terrible (two-generations-ago-iphone), I like this picture because it shows Jack asking me to "dance with me like a man," which is what he says when he unbuttons his pajama tops and wants to dance like he's seen on Dancing with the Stars (the few minutes he's seen of it).

Friday, February 17, 2012


Ok, y'all. I have been blogging for 4.5ish years. Wow. I just went back to read some of my earlier posts, and they were a lot funnier! I need to go back to blogging more about topics and less about events. Who cares about my kids except me? :0) Well, who cares what I've been watching on TV either. Hmmm. Maybe I used to have other things to blog about (work, travel) and now I'm just all kids all the time? Something to think about.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Long time...

So I guess it's been a while. Maybe another picture post to update?

Christmas seemed to follow fast on the heels of Thanksgiving this year. This was maybe the first time this happened to me--does that make me an adult? I felt like I really had to be on my toes to get everything bought and decorated. But it turned out to be a really good time, so it was worth it.

Here's a pic of Jack at the children's museum being an elf.

My brother Tom and his family came to visit, which was super fun. This photo shows most of our crew at the local zoo. Seriously, people. For a town our size, our zoo freakin' rocks!

Evan's family has a cool tradition of opening these pull-and-pop-out-a-prize "crackers." You've probably heard of these, but I never had until I married into their family. I think they're a British thing, originally. Anywho, the person who wins gets to keep the prize, but everyone gets a crown. So here are a couple of crown pictures.

Jack had an absolute BLAST playing with his cousins. It would be so awesome to live near more family!

And then maybe the biggest changes over the past couple of months have been in Danny. He has gotten so very interactive. And he's managed to gain a little bit of weight--though he's still a long, thin guy. I don't have a picture of it, but in addition to rolling over, he loves "walking" around in this little wheeled car, and he's really good at it. :)

He's also getting his first two teeth on bottom right now (one has poked through) and I fed him his first rice cereal today. He's such a sweet little guy.