Friday, October 21, 2011

Settled In

I almost hesitate to use this title because with kids, it seems like as soon as I think I have stuff figured out, one of them does something that sends me scurrying back to Google to figure the new thing out. However, for the time being, things here are good!

Danny is a sweet, sweet baby. It seems like since day one he has been smiling in his sleep or as he was nursing to sleep. Very early on his smiles became obviously social; he would react to something we were doing. Now sometimes his smiles are so big we get to see top and bottom gums, plus a healthy portion of tongue. And he started laughing already. That just warms a mother's heart. :)

The thing that is weird to me is that he is so much skinnier than Jack was. At this age (two months), Jack was roughly the same height as Danny, but two pounds heavier. Two pounds is a lot when you are only two feet tall! The skinniness, plus some weird eating and pooping issues that I won't go into here, led me to be worried enough to go back to the lactation consultant today just to make sure she thought he was doing alright. She did. We weighed him before and after a feeding and she made sure he wasn't dehydrated or showing any other signs of underfeeding. So, I guess we just have a skinnier baby who's not a clone of chubby Jack the giant.

Anyway, Jack and Danny get along well - they both seem to really like each other and not resent the time I spend with the other one. We're all falling into new routines that seem to work for us. So far, we're less on-the-go than we were before Danny was born, but we're ramping back up to it.

Jack's newest thing is protesting naps and going to bed, even when it's obvious he's tired. I think we've maybe let him have too much leeway, and now he tries to drag the process out as looooong as possible. I need to resend the message that sleep time means no calling the parents back to the room over and over.

On the bright side, Jack is super fun, imaginative, and very talkative. It's so cute to hear the way he says things and his take on things.

That's all I can think of for now. So Cheers!