Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So I guess it was the official first day of summer recently. And for those of you in the north or northwest, that might ring true. For me here in blazin' hot Texas, it has been summerish for 2 months, and now it's pretty much hellish. It's been over 100 degrees for at least 2 weeks straight. For a giant prego woman, that's hot. Actually, I feel like I've been handling it well - for the most part. During the mornings it's not too bad. But every afternoon after Jack and I wake up from naps, I'm totally bummed out by the prospect of heading back out into the inferno.

Anyway, we've been having some good times in the kiddie pool, at the children's museum, gym pool, and I finally bought him some blocks to play with. I also bought some playdoh, but haven't used it with him yet. Today I tried to take him to Rio at the dollar theater, but we only lasted about 10 minutes before he started trying to run down the isles and/or eat popcorn off the disgusting floor....so I guess we're not there yet. :)

How does everyone keep themselves busy during the summer?

For your viewing enjoyment, here's a pic from our recent vacation to Galveston of Jack in a candy store.


  1. It's only just getting nice enough to spend time outside here so we are at the park basically every day. But I am also an expert at indoor activities since we've doing those all year (bleh!). So here are some of my summer ideas:

    1) coloring, stickers, simple puzzles, play doh, etc

    2) build a fort out of chairs and blankets. Jacob loved that. He takes a snack in there and just chills sometimes, also flashlights in a fort are fun

    3) Get a chair and play with water at the sink

    4) Play with the hose and buckets/cups of water on the front lawn

    5) Play with beans and/or rice (he likes to pour them into different containers, etc)

    6) Go to an indoor playground - we have an awesome one at a mall nearby but fast food places sometimes have good ones too

    7) Aquarium

    8) Go to a fire station and talk to the firemen/get in the trucks, etc. We haven't actually done this yet but Jacob LOVES trucks so I think it might be a hit. You just have to call ahead and ask and they will usually let you come, from what I hear

    Also, a website I love for activities for kids our kids' ages is Chasing Cheerios. You can google her. Sometimes I think she's a bit nutty with all the stuff she does with her kids, but she does have some really good ideas on there!

  2. Oh! I just thought of another good one we did: old folks home. The old people get a big kick out of seeing little kids and the kids had fun too!

  3. 100 degrees????? goo! i was recently in a 100 degree weather and it was nearly unbearable and i'm not prego. you're my hero.

    and i love the pic of jack in the candy story. the coloring is great. adorable!

  4. I'm such a boring mom because of the new baby. I don't want to go out of doors much. It's too much effort and there are still afternoons that I just want to nap. Our summers here in Portland are very mild. In fact, we're still getting rain and days in the upper 60s and lower 70s. I so look forward to the heat, it's typically in the 80s during summer, I'm not so appreciative of the "nice cool weather." I'm ready for that heat wave y'all are getting. I'd mail ya the rain if I could!

    Sadie is obsessed with bubbles and I love 'em too because she can take the non-spill container out on the balcony and blow to her heart's content. She's at it often 2-3 times a day. If you haven't introduced Jack to bubbles I highly recommend it!