Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby, er, TODDLER stuff

Well, the time has flown by. I can't believe it when I look at the side of my blog and I see I have only posted 10 times in 2010. And yet I'm annoyed when I feel that other people aren't posting frequently enough. Sigh.

Lately things have been a blur with Jack running around and getting into everything and me hurrying around behind him trying to make sure he doesn't get into stuff he shouldn't. It's been fun though, too. I really feel more than ever that I can take Jack around and just do stuff. The only obstacle is nap times, but I treasure those so much it's hard for me to resent the way I have to form my schedule around them.

Anyway, I thought I'd post some pictures of our very big boy.

The first is a picture I took of him out on our front lawn. He's wearing his first pair of shoes (sandals) and is still freaked out by walking on the grass instead of a hard surface. He's an amazing walker though. It's awesome to see him zoom around, pivot, and just take off. Maybe he'll be a runner like mom and dad?

Today was Jack's family birthday party with us, my parents, and my brother, who drove down from Dallas area. Jack's actual birthday isn't until the 8th, but this was the best time to celebrate. It was a gorge fest of epic proportions - including pizza, cake, cookies and several flavors of Blue Bell ice cream. Remember that last post about hitting my pre-preggers weight? Yeah, I'll have to get back to that in about a week of hardcore dieting again. Sigh x2.

BUT - it was super fun. It was one of those times that being a mom feels really rewarding. So delightful to make and frost his cake, even though I didn't do anything super special. So fun to see him unwrap his toys and play and play until he was exhausted. Life is good, my friends.