Friday, April 16, 2010

More Jack

This kid continues to charm me every day. I always think I couldn't love him any more, and then he shows off more of his personality. Love it.

We had his 9-month checkup. He weighed in at 25 pounds and was 30 inches long. I don't think he gained any weight this month because he is so busy crawling everywhere, getting into absolutely everything, and lately pulling to stand and cruising around.

Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment.

This one is one of the best from our (now) annual trips to a nearby field to take pictures in the bluebonnets. Wildflower season in Texas is gorgeous.

Here's Jack enjoying one of the toys at my sister's house.

And one of our little guy eating. He's not shy about it, that's for sure.

One of the seemingly rare moments when we could catch him just resting.