Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last Night

I had a dream in which I ran into a kind of nerdy guy from high school. He asked me out and told me how he had always thought I was cool. I was kind of flattered, but said, "ooh, sorry, I'm married." To which he responded, "Well, you've gained weight."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hollywood Gossip Post

Ok, so I was just perusing some online gossip rags - I know, it's a bad habit that I should give up - when I came across a few pictures that I would like to comment on.

First of all, before I was ever pregnant, I remember seeing this photo of Katie Holmes and thinking she looked as big as a house pregnant! Now I notice what thin arms she had.

Second, why does anyone care whether these two are dating? I really can't wrap my brain around the "are they or aren't they" fascination.

Third, and I often think this when a similar thing happens, but doesn't it suck for Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend, whom he dated for many years but to whom he never proposed (I think), that he is now engaged to this gal that he hasn't been dating so long? I mean, I know it's all about timing and everything....I just think it would suck for the other gal.

Who's with me on these?