Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Night I Pepper Sprayed My Family. I Am An Awesome Mom.

So there I was, making some healthy-ish tacos with 93% lean beef, when I decided to season it up with some cayenne pepper. I'm known to like my foods a little spicy. My mistake occurred when I decided to turn on the fan above my stove right before I sprinkled the cayenne.

I say "fan" rather than "hood vent" because even though it looks like a hood, it doesn't vent outside, just spits the greasy, peppery air right back into the air. I knew this about the fan, but didn't realize that it would atomize the pepper like a perfume sprayer and disburse it throughout our house.

My throat was a little irritated, but poor Jack and even Evan were coughing a lot, so E took J on a walk for 20 or so minutes while we aired out the house. Sigh. I didn't really mean to pepper spray the family!

In other news, I've lost about 5 pounds so far on my diet!

And on a largely unrelated note except that it involves weight lifting, I told Evan last night that since I'm always holding Jack with my left arm while I do other things with my right arm/hand (make a bottle, open doors, etc.) that I feel like I'm going to get one giant left arm and a regular-sized right arm the way you sometimes see a lobster with one giant claw. If that happens, don't make too much fun of me. I did it for the love of my kiddo. See I'm not such a bad mom, I'm willing to get a giant lobster arm for him. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Should Probably Wait to Post This, But...

So yeah, after the "I'm going to P90x my way to fitness" promise of last month, I probably shouldn't say anything about my new craze, but here goes anyway.

I joined Weight Watchers online. Whew, there it is. This comes after the high recommendation from at least one friend, Becca, and the subsequent recommendation from others, once they heard I joined.

Anyway, I had always thought of WW as something for the middle-aged housewife or the very overweight. Turns out that I'm only a few years removed from the former and a few pounds removed from the latter (my current BMI does qualify me in the overweight category).

I signed up Sunday and have been doing it so far this week. It's been going pretty well! I've lost a little bit and I don't feel too deprived. Actually, I like it better than when I counted calories last year or two years ago or whenever that was. I feel like I get to eat more things I like. Just everything in moderation. We'll see if it continues to prove fruitful though. Here's hoping. :)

In other news, things have settled down here at the Ranch. Jack is calmer and suuuper cute, though still not always willing to nurse. But he's taking a rather long nap today, and that always makes me feel good because I get to get other things done around the house.

And we're planning our trip to California for around Thanksgiving, and that's kind of fun, too. Oh, and even though the near constant rain here has been a bit much, the cooler weather has meant more walks outside. Yay!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Really Gross, Read On If You Dare...

If you know me well, you know that I typically have kind of an iron stomach. I like most foods, and even if I prefer not to eat some of them (ahem, sushi), it's not like I couldn't choke down a maki roll.

In addition, I rarely, and I mean rarely ever, throw up. I'm pretty sure I can count the number of times from ages 5 to 29 on two hands. (It's not that I was a throw-up queen before age 5, I just don't remember it and can't vouch for my iron stomach as a youngster.) In fact, I only ralphed a grand total of once while I was pregnant, and that was because I took my prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach.

So I was pretty surprised when I started feeling nauseated last night. It almost made me wonder if I had somehow gotten pregnant and didn't know it, since I'm still breast feeding. I went to bed as normal and got up to feed Jack at some point in the middle of the night. Around 5:30 this morning, Evan got up with me when we heard Jack again. And it's a good thing he did, because after about 2 minutes of nursing, I had to call Evan to take Jack so I could run to the bathroom.

I was certainly surprised by my intestinal distress, but not nearly as surprised as after Evan had left for work and my mom had kindly come over to help me out. My mom had just fed Jack a bottle of pumped milk and was changing Jack when I made a comment about how I was nauseated but never throw up. Right after that comment, I knew that was not going to be the case today.

I made it to the bathroom sink before my body was wracked with retch after retch of (dark green!) stuff. I've felt weak and achy all day since. Thankfully, my lovely mother took care of her grandson all day while I slept and vegged.

So far Evan and Jack seem unaffected, so I'm hoping it was just sort of a freak virus.

Side note: Can I just say how awesome it is to live near my mom? I literally felt too weak to lift my 15-pound baby for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I always wonder what I would have done if I were a single mother without a support network to help out. Uf. In a way, I'm nervous for when we eventually move away from here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Little Worse Before It Gets Better?

Well, last night we administered the first dose of Prevacid. He seemed ok for about an hour, then there was a big, big screaming fit. Uf. Similar thing this morning. Not sure if it means the medicine is making him feel ill in itself. Sigh.

I'll let you know if I ever get the hang of this mothering thing and am just running around exercising, doing errands, meeting up with gals from church, etc. Not. happening. yet.

Good news is, I love my baby! He's so sweet when he's not feeling bad. Poor guy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Results Are In

I'm sure you're all desperately waiting to hear the results of this morning's doctor's visit, right? Right?

Ok, so maybe I'm the only one who was super eager to get the kid diagnosed. Evan questioned whether Jack's behavior was just normal baby fussiness, and I'll admit, I questioned myself at times. However, it just seemed too different from his usual to be completely normal.

Anyway, the doc said it's classic reflux. So now I just need to get that prescription filled and we should be seeing results by Thursday. Happy days, here we come (I hope!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fusspants Returns :(

I love, love, love this kid, but a few days of fussiness is wearing. me. out. I don't know how parents of colicky children do it.

Today I am split between thinking he IS sensitive to the hi-protein milk I've been (stupidly and without thinking it would cause a problem since he hasn't seemed sensitive to milk before) drinking for the past 3 weeks (and abstaining from for the past 2 days) or that he has reflux.

In addition to the previous symptoms of refusing to feed, gassiness, and fussiness, lately he refuses to be laid down - which is what I used to do after feeding him. Not even the swing is good enough. So if he's awake, I'm holding him. Also he'll suddenly cry out as if in pain when laid down. And he's always hiccupped a lot, lately it seems to be every morning, and sometimes more often than that.

Anyway, like I said, I'm off milk for now. If that doesn't help it clear up, I guess I'll take him to the pediatrician on Monday for a reflux prescription?